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General Rule & Code of Conduct


  1. The institution expects from its scholars to observe the code of conduct laid down for the college students and to inculcate a habit of discipline in them during their stay in the college as also honorable and respectful behavior with the faculty and administrative member of the college. This will ultimately shape them into responsible teacher and useful citizen of India.
  2. All the students are required to attend 100% of the lectures delivered in each of their subjects. In avoidable circumstances, if a student not completes the eligibility of 75% lectures, he/she failing this condition shall not be eligible for the university examination. The following rule and regulations be strictly adhered:
    • If a student absent himself/herself in any of the house test held by the college for the purpose of internal assessment, the Principal shall have the authority to withhold or withdraw his/her name from the university.
    • The Principal is empowered to struck off the name of the student from the college rolls if he/she failed to make progress in studies or has been found guilty of misconduct.
    • The student who wants to withdrawal/left the college shall have to made a written request which should be considered by his/her father/guardian. ·       Participation in the curricular, co-curricular activities and games is compulsory for all the students.
    • No student is allowed to accept any kind of employment during the course of training.
    • Rules regarding discipline, payment of fee, grant of leave and use of library books must be strictly observed.
    • The Principal have the power and the discretion to impose or remit the fine of the students. 
    • No student will attend or take part in any anti-Government, anti-College or any other subversive activities during the training period. Defaulter will be punished suitably.
    • Misconduct case shall be severely dealt with resulting punishment up to the level of rustication or expulsion.
    • Every student is supposed to keep identity card with them and show the same to the college staff on demand.
    • Since the college work is regulated mostly through notices put on the notice board, students are required to read notices on the notice board two time i.e. on arrival and before departure from the college. Ignorance about the notice shall not be held good as an excuse for non-compliance.
    • Smoking, drug, alcohol, and talking loudly is strictly prohibited in the college premise.
    • Only blood relations are allowed to meet the students.


No leave is admissible to the students during the period of their academic session. The leave will only be sanctioned in emergency after the written request made by the student and duly countersigned by the parents/guardian. If a student remains absent without any information for more than 4 days continuously, his/her name is liable to be struck off from the college roll.


The leave less than two days is to be sanctioned by Sh. Kapil Sharma (Lecturer) and in his absence leave is to sanctioned by Mrs Bhanvra Kumari (Lecturer). The leave more than two days can only by sanction by the Principal.

  • One compulsory House Test, in addition to this, monthly weekly tests will be held during the year.
  • Absentee will be fined Rs. 100/- for every paper. 3.If a student absents himself/herself from any of the house test hold by the college for purpose of internal assessment or fails in the house test, the Principal shall have the authority to withhold or withdraw his/her name from the university examination.

  1. Library books may be retained by the students upto a period of 14 days after which these must be returned or got reissued. A fine of Rs. 5/- per volume per day is to be charged from the students at fault for not returning the books for more than two weeks from the date of the issue of the same.
  2. If a book at the time of returning to the library is found defaced or damaged in any way the last borrower will be required to pay its full cost.
  3. Leave from the college does not imply exemption to the return of library book. In that case student is required to return the books to the library by post under registered cover.
  4. Non-transferable library-cum-identity card are issued to all the students and books are required to be issued only on the production of these card. Students must get identity card issued within in a month after paying the dues of admission, where after no card will be issued. Lost of the card immediately reported to the librarian who will issue the duplicate card on the payment of Rs. 10/-.
  5. Students are supposed to observe perfect silence in the library and are expected not to have disturbance in any way.
  6. Not more than two books can be issued to the students at a time.
  7. Student responsibility will not be over until the book is shown returned on the library card. They are advised to be very careful for getting the signature of the librarian on their card while returning the books.
  8. The books reserved for the staff members such as reference books, text books and current periodicals will not be issued without the consultation of the principal.
  9. The library services shall be available to the staff and students only during the college hours.
  10. No Journal/magazine/news paper will be issued.
  11. Book once issued will not be reissued further continuously.

  1. Immediately on the joining of the college, the students should get the following uniform prepared prescribed by the college as per detail given below:-.
    • Boys: White shirt with full sleeves, coffee colour pant and black sweater.
    • Girls: Coffee colour shirt with full sleeves, white Salwar, black sweater and coffee colour and white mixed Duppatta.
  2. The uniform is compulsory to be worn Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of a week and all the college function/celebration as well as during teaching practice days. The defaulter students will be fined @ Rs. 5/- per day and it may be vary on special day/days observed/celebrate


The college has been framed the rules and regulation to make a healthy atmosphere for teaching learning process and expect from the students to strictly observe the code of conduct. Therefore, the following code of conduct to be observed by the each and every student:

  1. The college lays special emphasis on the maintenance of the discipline and necessary decorum in and outside the classroom. A disciplinary committee is framed for this purpose.
  2. The students should be courteous and polite in their behavior while dealing with each other as well as with lecturer and other employee of the college.
  3. Proper respect should be given to the lecturers and instruction issued be carried out strictly.
  4. Perfect silence should be maintained in the classes; in the reading room and in the college campus so that none is disturbed in studies and the atmosphere prevailing in the college remains academic.
  5. Movement from the one class room to another should be made orderly. At the end of a period, the incoming student should wait out side going students till the class room is completely vacated.
  6. The students should understand that the college property is an asset of the Nation and such its maintenance is the essential duty.
  7. In a vacant period, students are advised to utilize their time in the study of Magazine, Journal and Newspapers etc. in the reading room/library.
  8. The Queue system is to be followed by the students while going to see the Principal and paying their dues to the account officer and to get the books issued from the library.
  9. During their stay in the college, girls students are advised not to use ornaments and cosmetics etc.
  10. The toilets/bath room for boys and girls are separate. All are advised to use these as such and throw water afterward so that these may remain neat and clean and without smelliness or in a useable condition through out the day.
  11. No student will allowed sitting in any other regular course/correspondence course or in the capacity of private candidate during the training period. The student found guilty of infringement to the above rules of conduct and undisciplined shall be liable to heavy punishment in the forms of fine, withdrawal of concessions and stipends if any, or suspension/expulsion from the college, depending on the seriousness of the offence.